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Information technology is essential to run a business in every industry and it is challenging to setup, integrate and grow IT within an organisation.

Fast growing companies like startups, first time leaders or heterogeneous organisations often want some fresh impulses from externals to bring their IT into the right direction.

Our mission

We develop and align IT and business strategy in your organisation and accompany the ongoing change processes even after their completion.

Acting as mentors to your IT staff, we will support the setup phase, transformations and process improvements of the organisation.

Your Needs

If you are interested in...

  • bringing structure and stability into the IT
  • process and procedure refinement to boost business
  • IT-Business alignment
  • agile methodologies
  • IT self-organisation and transparency
  • leadership improvement
  • team setup, building and self-management

You want to...

  • build, shape, unleash and grow your IT department
  • develop a vision, mission and strategy, giving the IT a clear direction
  • create an IT portfolio
  • have an agile transition
  • empower people to boost your organisation
  • increase employees' happiness


You have...

  • identified IT delivery gaps in a fast growing phase
  • recognised a permanent growing feature backlog
  • delivery issues with external suppliers, regarding velocity and quality of features
  • the need to handle many business requirements at the same time
  • to serve customised client features and to tackle a huge product roadmap at the same time

Have you ever heard...

I do not know what the IT is doing.

Why does development take so long?

When will my feature go live?

I cannot make any plans with IT departure.

We have invested so much time and money, but nothing has changed.

I need it done by yesterday.

I'm waiting for IT since weeks, they not fast enough.

Why can't they tell how long does it take to implement this feature.

We will work together on your success journey!


Why do you need us

If you want your company to thrive, you need to scale IT.

To scale IT, you need to reorganise the department itself as well as its interactions with the other departments. IT is not just a service provider within the company, but should be understood as one of the main pillars of your business.

You can't strengthen the heart without strengthening the veins and the environment that surrounds it.

To be ready for growth means to be ready for a real change.

What makes us different

17 years of experience in software development, IT-leadership and consulting enable us to identify all relevant aspects of an IT organisation and its interactions with other departments like product, marketing and sales.

We are experienced in working with every possible company structure. We know, how to develop a sustainable IT strategy fitting your business. Our expertise can help you to align IT with your business goals.

Companies we have worked for

Our approach

Modern ideas and customized solutions are our secret. We know, how to manage challenges.

We accompany you through the whole transition process and support you afterwards as long as you need it.
It is also possible to advise you on specific situations or regarding any special issue.

Our coaching focuses on leadership in rapidly growing organisations, leaders in new situations, starting leadership / first time leaders, teams and individuals.

Only people make a sustainable change – we work with people. This makes us to perfect partners in multicultural environments, various business areas and organisational structures.

Integrated on-site coaching or remote, for individuals or in a group

Coaching vs. Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring both exist for the same purpose

  • Trust between both parties
  • desire to develop and share knowledge
  • unlocking potential and focus on career progression
  • developing self-awareness and skills
  • Discussion of goals


  • supports you in specific personal or career development areas
  • identifies and prioritises improvement areas, break down your goals into smaller ones, and work with you to shape and grow your mindset
  • coaching is typically more structured and tailored to specific outcome
  • attributes:
    • short term
    • task and result oriented
    • training & upskilling, not necessarily based on personal experience
    • coach drives the sessions


  • guides, advises, and supports you to be the best in your business and in your career
  • understands you and the challenges you're facing, advises you based on their personal experience
  • increases self-confidence, develops communication and leadership skills
  • attributes:
    • long term
    • relationship oriented
    • advice & guidance based on personal experience
    • mentee drives the sessions


Our consultation includes...

  • evaluation and minimization of failures and risks
  • review of development processes and tools
  • implementation of strategies to reduce errors by setting up clear communication policies and processes between stakeholders
  • IT-setup according to business needs
  • seamless integration of IT into organizational structure

IT and business processes alignment

  • Create IT Portfolio considering strategies, projects, roadmaps (different stakeholders like management, product management, marketing,…)
  • Investigate and implement digital transformations within the organisation
  • BC - business continuity, DR - Desaster recovery, architectural patterns like standby, recovery, multi region failover strategy, peak readiness

Agile transition

  • Introduce agile methodologies to your organisation
  • Create transparency about initiatives and roadmap
  • Estimate efforts and prioritise initiatives
  • Foster and improve collaboration and communication

Leadership mentoring and coaching

  • Mentor the leadership team in the areas of people, culture, technology, innovation, agility and transparency
  • Develop vision, mission and strategy and an IT roadmap

IT efficiency and quality

  • Implement data-driven approach to collect, measure, control value flow, to make data-based decisions
  • Enhance the entire IT department and operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce costs and increase transparency about costs and cost plans
  • Develop a plan how to handle technical debt
  • Adjust development and deployment strategies


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